Then he asked me to be his girlfriend, and boom: We were in a real relationship.

So, the way I see it, "dating" is what happens before you're boyfriend and girlfriend.

define pseudo dating-26

You’ve come to the resolve that he/she isn’t really the one for you but hey, “you’ll hang with mr/ms right now until the real deal comes along.” In other words you’re just in this because you’re lonely but the minute something better comes along you’re out of there.

You may even convince yourself from time to time that One of the best things about blackberries was that you never had to give out your number.

Now that Research In Motion/Blackberry Limited has pretty much plummeted we’ve gone back to that archaic means of exchanging numbers.

But not to fret, you guys don’t really talk on the phone anyway.

But if I'm dating someone in the present tense, that's probably someone who I'm hooking up with exclusively and seeing regularly, but we don't have the label yet.

I wouldn't refer to a current boyfriend as 'the guy I'm dating.' Past tense is used more loosely.

While hooking up involves a bunch of late-night booty calls that don't necessarily need to lead up to anything, dating is time spent getting to know someone, trying to figure out whether or not you're going to take the next step and pursue a real relationship.

But, as you can see from these answers, people have some pretty different definitions as far as what that "getting to know you" period entails.

I thought I had a pretty good grip on this whole "what does dating mean" thing.