Background I want to dynamically update my DNS A records from my DHCP server, both running on the same synology NAS.

Unfortunately Synology has (still) not provided a working solution for this.

When you use Google Public DNS, you are changing your DNS "switchboard" operator from your ISP to Google Public DNS.

As it turns out the dhcp server on my Synology NAS (DS214Play) calls a bash script after leases have changed, in the location After I found out you can actually change your (local) dns records easily using the nsupdate command, I updated the existing script to the one below. As for security on the dns update: I did not use a key, as my DNS server only accepts updates from the internal network and local host anyway.

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Then FQDN would be something like The real thing I'm trying to accomplish is this: Right now I have a subnet / scope for Wireless access points who use DHCP for IP Addressing -- I'd like them to get an address and then DHCP register their DNS name so they can be accessed like: ap01The Wireless AP gets a DHCP lease -- I see it as ap01but nothing is automatically updating on the DNS side.

Just thought I'd give some more info for understanding.

Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. OK -- I have checked my master name server (not running AD DNS) Attached is screenshot of forward zone properties and a screenshot from 1 reverse lookup zone.

the screen shot you shown is for standard primary zone on master dns server, the zone is not AD integrated because it is not as DC Hence if you are worried of this dns server of not updating records, it won't update automatically DNS records only can be updated (automatically) on AD DNS server with zones having dynamic update enabled scavenging need to be enabled on AD DNS server and not on master dns server, if it is enabled on AD DNS server, your AD DNS server should keep DNS up to date My ultimate goal here is to have my DHCP server register DNS names for DHCP clients -- for example my Wireless access point gets IP Address from DHCP Server and then DHCP registers them in DNS -- not AD DNS just regular DNS Are you saying DHCP can only register AD DNS automatically? I have a DHCP Scope for a subnet with specific scope options that include: DNS Servers and DNS Domain name (ie. A client requests IP Address DHCP registers that new devices DNS name in the zone but in the subdomain test since that was defined in the DNS Domain name scope options.

1 DHCP server running Server 2016 1 Master name server - not a DC 4 DCs all running DNS - both active directory integrated and regular DNS I'm helping troubleshoot an issue with DHCP failing to register DNS updates.

I'm pretty sure DHCP is setup to register DNS on behalf of the clients. I have also configured the update registration credentials -- the account used there is a member of the Dns Admins group.

PTR record registration for IPv4 address [] and FQDN net failed with error 9004 (ENS request not supported by name server).