Drummer Drew Langan and bassist Matt Black were the other members of the band.

In 2017, the band parted company with Black and went their own way.

Unfortunately, the alternative rock band disbanded in 2015 leaving Mc Graw to decide which way he would go.

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Dawn is a woman who wanted desperately to believe that her online boyfriend David was real, despite the numerous red flags, warning signs, and outlandish stories he told her to extract $30,000 in seven months.

Dawn’s story met almost 100% of the criteria, and she started to accept that she had been duped by a professional con artist.

With Jordan Mc Graw being busy with his music career throughout these past years, people often wonder about his net worth. His wife, Robin Mc Graw, and his oldest son, Jay Mc Graw, are also famous in their own right and are financially independent.

According to sources, Jordan Mc Graw’s net worth is estimated to be a modest $1.5 million, but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t have to worry about money. Robin Mc Graw is a New York Times bestselling author while Jay Mc Graw is the author of several self-help books aimed at teenagers. People often speculate about Jordan Mc Graw’s personal life and want to know if he has a girlfriend or a wife.

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Dr Phil January 24 2013 delved into the seedy world of online dating scams to try to find answers for people who had possibly fallen prey to Internet con artists. Dr Phil: Online Dating Deception & Middle Eastern Internet Scammers Dr Phil shared a list of characteristics you can use to detect an online romance scam.He is a singer and guitarist for the band Hundred Handed, and he’s had a passion for music from an early age.Mc Graw’s band’s music encompasses rock and pop, and he is an integral member of the band. Born on October 21, 1986 to Robin Mc Graw and Phil Mc Graw, Jordan Mc Graw’s age is 31.After several years of performing with them, Mc Graw’s life took a decisive turn in 2010 when he was appointed vice president of A&R at Organica Music Group (OMG).He was already signed on as a primary songwriter for their publishing division.He was mentored by accomplished music producer David Foster throughout his teens.