I readily admit this is an odd scenario but you may need it (I actually have).The second, which I think is entirely more useful, is converting to UTC time which basically means were going to ignore the time zone entirely.

enterprise library modified date and time not updating-38

Keep in mind, this is only a small code snippet from inside the loop that is traversing the items returned from out afore mentioned list. itm.Time(local Time (local Timeoffset-region Timeoffset)); For the full code sample, you can go to my github repo and look in the SPDate Time folder.

*Assume that data is an array of responses itm.datetimestring = data[i]. For completeness sake, I should mention that if you’re going to be doing a lot of date/time manipulation it might make sense to utilize the library which makes a bunch of this stuff significantly simpler.

Regardless of whom entered the item the dates are displayed based on the regional settings effective on the site. if you’re developing client side code and all the time zone settings for all of your users and their computers are going to be in the same time zone… The tricky part begins when we look at the computer where the time zone of the computer is set to PDT.

I’ve written some code that I’m going to expose using a CEWP… Ok, so what happened here is that when the date strings were passed into Java Scripts Date() function, the browser is actually then converting that date into the local time of the computer.

I created a list with a title field, and two date fields one to show date/time and one to show just date.

The date only field was to illustrate that the problem exists regardless of whether the user intentionally sets the time or not.

The REST endpoints that return the data for you give you the date string in a format that is specific to the regional settings of the person asking for them.

Sadly, this doesn’t translate as well to Java Script as you might like.

Hope this can help a few people out there struggling with date/times in Share Point client side solutions. Then join me for Share Point Conference North America May 21-23, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.