She will be taking many trips to New York for her new part time modelling career but that is as far as its going to go... The following is a list of characters that first appeared or will appear in the Australian soap opera Home and Away in 2011, by order of first appearance.Both soaps have had minor gay characters in the past. I am Esthers cousin and there is no way she will be leaving home and away!

Miranda invites Xavier to an exhibition at an art gallery and they late fall asleep on the beach.

Miranda tells Xavier that she will help train him for the Surf Carnival.

It's a privilege to be a River Boy and the worst thing anyone could do ever do is be one and then betray the group." Heath was ten when his father left and his mother love him "extravagantly, but has a volatile relationship with him." Heath has always found his younger brother, Casey (Lincoln Younes), weird for his love of reading.

Casey Braxton, played by Lincoln Younes, made his first on-screen appearance on 17 February 2011. The Daily Telegraph said that Casey is trying to break out of the River Boys mould and that he was kicked out of his last high school.

Heath is the second oldest of the Braxton brothers and was initially described as being "feared by cops and the residents of his home town of Mangrove River" and having a short fuse.

Channel Seven say Heath "loves the camaraderie and sense of family, not to mention the respect that comes with being a member.Miranda comes to Summer Bay to compete in the Surf Carnival and she begins dating Xavier Austin.It was revealed in January 2011 that Cheadle had joined the cast of Home and Away as a love interest for one of the characters.However, he is a "reluctant hero", shows a loyalty to his roots and wants to make something of himself.Digital Spy's gay men's blog "Gay Spy" posted pictures of Darryl and Heath shirtless on the beach.Miranda briefly dates Xavier Austin (David Jones-Roberts) and she is "annoyed" when she discovers that he lied to her about being in university.