Steve became a dad quite late in life when you think about it, but we are sure he is amazing at the job.Harrison Ford met Calista Flockhart on the red carpet of the 2002 Golden Globe Awards.

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This list of famous men who married much younger women is a testament to how mainstream it has become to act as though age is just a number. We salute these men and women for looking past social norms and decide for themselves who they want to be with.

We can only hope that the women don’t have ulterior motives and that the men want more than arm candy at the end of the day.

Steve was 62 when he married Anne, who was 36 at the time of their wedding.

Steve and Anne are still married and have one child together.

Nothing in Hollywood is done the traditional way, so why make this any different?

This list of men who married much younger women can be seen as either a way to remain younger for longer, or finding love in the most random places.

Paul married Nancy Shevell in 2011 when he was 69 years old and she was 51.

While still late in life, that’s quite an age gap nonetheless.

Clint married Dina in 1996 when he was 66 years old and she was 31.

The couple has one daughter together (to add to Clint’s many other children) but sadly decided to divorce in 2013.

These days he is remarried to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas (they married in 2011).