If you don’t want to fall for a sleaze ball, (and quite possibly end up in the medical department embarrassed), here’s some tips on what not to do…

This is the first article in my four part series about love on a ship.

There are some people, male and female, who will act one way (all over them) with someone in private, but in public, they don’t even acknowledge their existence.

On the bad side, ships gossip like tiny villages do, and if you go home with someone, half the ship will likely know about it before you leave the cabin in the morning.

So if that thought of everyone knowing, would mortify you the night before, just think a little more first. I also realize that if there are any sleaze balls reading this, I might be giving you some ideas that you haven’t thought of.

But hopefully if there are, there are also enough non-sleaze balls to balance and rat out these sneaky little techniques.

On a serious note, whatever you choose to do, be safe when you do it.

There are some people who genuinely do have open relationships or understandings like this.

The way to find out if that is true is see number 6 or 8. Public Displays of Acknowledgement – I’m not even talking about needing to have public displays of affection here, just acknowledgement.Before going to someone’s cabin, or inviting them to yours, an easy way to find out if they are a sleaze ball or not, is to spend time with them, out of the tiny cupboard that you live in that has your clothes and the only place to sit is on your bed. Do something off the ship, or even on the ship elsewhere first.Meet for dinner, play a board game, go off the ship cycling, actually watch a movie (with other people there or in the ship’s cinema if it has one). Just anything that isn’t simply drinking in the bar or being in a cabin alone. If you’re going to have a night on the sauce, have a designated decider with you.Long before to ‘Netflix and Chill’ was a thing on land, ship guys and girls, have been using the poor (sea) man’s equivalent line. It means the asker can get the askee alone in their cabin, they are already sitting on their bed as there’s probably no other furniture so there’s nowhere to have to get them to, no one sees you together if you have anything (or anyone) to hide and the person doesn’t even need to spend money on the ‘date’. But you’ve had such a good night that you don’t want the party to end just yet.Then that guy you’ve sort of spoken to a few times says “Hey, I have wine in my cabin, do you want to come over for some? If you aren’t happy with going over and being offered a different tipple, bring a friend or two (mixed gender works best) with you.To read the rest please click below: Part 2 – How to Have a Real Relation SHIP Part 3 – Dinosaur Day – How I Found my One on a Ship Part 4 – Ship Love – Happily Ever After Stories There are certain pick up lines, which seem like genuine conversation, which are used again and again.