They’re usually more attractive and simultaneous in the roles they play: you have your teacher, student, angels, flight attendant and princesses.

Let’s get down to the pricing aspect of these bars.

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You may be wondering where the best places to meet bar girls In Manila are and how to go about to deal with them.

Bar girls in Manila are very different from provincial girls working in bars, especially on the money subject.

These bars are also the costliest of all the girly bars that you can find in Manila, it’s like they have their own target audience. But if it sounds like your kind of thing and you can afford them, then, by all means, you should check them out.

The bar girls in KTVs are mostly skinny, fair skin and follow the Japanese and Korean style of makeup and dressing.

But still, you need to keep an eye open, just in case.

Make sure that the bar girl you wanted is the one you’re with and also read the room prices before you get in among other things.

Also, the girls’ prices are per hour starting from around 900 pesos or more.

The other thing you should consider is that the drink prices here are more expensive than the other bars. How to not get ripped off Considering the prices and the targeted clientele of KTVs, your chances of getting ripped off aren’t quite high.

Also, get to know the price per hour of the girl you’re with. If this is your kind of bar, check out my review of the best adult KTVs in Manila.