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I love it when then wear baggy trunks and show me what they got. In the far back area of park there is a men's room and a nature trail back behind the bridge that goes into wooded areas. The 3-star rating is added by a little guy who lives off Hwy. Park and get out of your car set at a picnic table for faster results.

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There have been people removed for activity in the sauna. The city has announced plans for more improvements here at East Beach and also at Stewart Beach. There are now secluded pockets protected by dunes and grasses that are great for sunbathing on a cool day out of the wind and provide a good amount of privacy. No dividers between urinals makes it easy to check out guys pissing. Handicapped stall is perfect for some quiet cocksucking action. It will curve to the right there will be a sign pointing ahead to Queens Point.

Young college guys cruise this area early morning and mid-afternoon. It's very cruisy with foot traffic of near by University studs. It's cruisy during the day with older straight guys as well. The wet area is cruisy but you have to be very careful about who you cruise. Use the road that goes over the flood gate and take the right. I was out there today looking around not much out there. Go all the way down until the road ends and there are two areas on the right that are good for cruising. There has been a lot of development between Rivery Blvd and Rivery Park, a 7-story hotel with huge ballroom, apartments, and condos overlooking the park. Located approximately ten miles south of Greenville just before Lone Oak. This place is hit-or-miss but some nights there are so many cruisers you can't park. I have had great times here and the cops never bother folks -- drive-throughs... It seems that it is best if you have a vehicle with deeply tinted windows so no one can see because I got sucked off during the day. From I-35 in Denton head south, exit at Swisher Road (exit 458) and cross over I-35 onto Denton Drive. Follow Main Street into Westlake Park and continue straight down the road.

I was walking down the main trail almost to the end and I came upon this guy. There are almost ten miles of beach to cruise here. It was kind of slow with only a few guys getting naked. I've been there twice and both times found some action. I've enjoyed a hot three-way here (a girl enjoyed seeing a guy suck her boyfriend's cock and tounging him... About half of the booths have buddy windows so you can watch and be watched. I was just sitting here and an officer asked which car was mine. Hwy 287 (Ennis Ave.) There is an interchange with US Hwy 287 west of town. From the west side of the interchange to the south is a road that leads to the parking lot. There is also access to the San Gabriel River Trail.

It was starting to get dark and I was walking on the main trail. This was my fifth time to this park and it was always dead but... The guy parked next to me had just gotten out to walk betwee... A few nights ago I was sitting on the toilet jacking off and three college boys drove up. Kleberg County (seat: Kingsville) has stepped up patrol south of the National Seashore and all... But the area where most of the action happens has [b]really[/b] overgrown with vegetation. This is kind of a new spot that's not well known yet, but a few hot guys are cruising. There is a fair amount of activity here with quite a lot of straight young people parking. Turn right onto unnamed road and proceed 500 feet to the parking lot for Rivery Park.

I got to suck off one great cock, then another guy came in and took m... A man was arrested on the night of Saturday, April 25 after leaving a 2-1/2 year old autistic child alone in his locked vehicle in the parking lot. I played with a sleeveless country boy in an old pickup. If any cops stop or scan the area with a spotlight, they are most... Both at the south and northbound picnic areas the bushes have been cleared. Turn east (left) and go about two miles to Rock Prairie Road. Do not follow the main trail that leads from the right side of the parking lot past the vehicle gate.

Simply leave your door ajar and guys will wander in. I don't really recomend any activity there, but the sauna is... Usually highway patrol will just cruise through and hang around at the off ramps to catch speeders. This will eventually include hiking trails to link to the East Beach Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve. Continue straight onto a dirt road which dead ends at a parking lot.

I have had more luck on the main trail -- I think it is called Iron Bridge. Went there last week, jacked in my car and watched a guy pull up to another car, get out and flash his cock. Before he drove away he turned towards me and I go... I was in the john and got sucked off by a guy and his eighteen year old 'son'. There are about five stalls in the restroom across from the pier.

You need to be sure the place is empty or everyone there is cool. Haven't used this but have been reading the reviews and getting so excited and horny. I move back in August 17th so if anyone wants to give me my first, stop by th...

There is a guy that sits in one of the stalls pretending to take a dump but is monitoring the room.