Greg Hahn has parlayed his absurdly energetic, all out style of physical humor, one liners, and crowd work into a performance of immediate pandemonium and laughter.

His wild stylings have led to numerous television, corporate and theater appearances throughout the country and Canada…

Loomsgate not only aims to make cool clothing, but also has a goal for the clothing line to be completely sustainable.

They make sure that everything that goes into the clothing doesn’t damage the environment, and is easily replenishable.

Also Read: Matte Babel Wiki, Shay Mitchell’s Partner“At our first brand [Rogan, started in 2001], we pioneered a lot of the denim washing that makes denim look authentic and vintage,” Scott Hahn recalled.

“Our impact in terms of scale and commercial relevance was small, but we creatively had a big influence.

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Wiseguys has built an amazing reputation within Utah and beyond as being one of the country’s finest comedy clubs.

Wiseguys is bringing the laughter to Salt Lake’s south valley with a new location at the Jordan Landing shopping district.

From there, the two men created Loomstate, an environmentally sustainable fashion line.