To seduce a man, especially if he is married, you basically need to convince him to do something that may not be socially acceptable.

All you need is to be a little creative and somewhat flirty. Related reading: How to seduce a man through text messaging?

Seduction is an art, and it surely does not involve showing off all your lady parts at once.

Do not overdo – and apply perfume to your wrists, bend of elbows, behind your knees, and inside of the ankles.

Everytime you walk past him, the scent to should register in his mind and will aid your success in seduction.

Married men are the forbidden fruit of relationships.

The thrill of seducing a married man gives you a secret pleasure and makes you feel confident and sexy.

If you are looking for tips on seducing a man who is already married, then you have landed at the right page.

Now only will you know how to seduce a married man and make him go weak in his knees for you, but also know some important tips that may help you date a married man successfully.

Well, that may make a man drop his pants, but when we talk of seduction, it is about an heightened level of sensuousness and anticipation.

Plus, skimpy clothes and showing off cleavage will get you odd stares from all kind of men – so no point attracting everyone when you are just trying to get one man go weak in the knees.

‘Sexting’, as it is popularly known can keep your man aroused all day long.