Milo Ventimiglia is currently dating Kelly Egarian. Hayden Leslie Panettiere is an American actress, model, singer, and activist.

They first met each other when they used to star in the NBC show “Heroes.” It turns out that Milo was much older than his co-star ex-girlfriend.

Ventimiglia was 29-years old that time while Panettiere was only 18, according to E! Ventimiglia told MR PORTER that he will never do it again if given the chance.

But despite these serious charges and a history of drama, it doesn’t seem like Hayden Panettiere isn’t interested in cutting ties with her beau.

co-star Milo Ventimiglia from December 2007 to February 2009.

He revealed that he learned from everything that happened to him in the past and he learned how to do things a better way.

Although he would never be in a relationship again with a woman much younger than he is, Ventimiglia said he would not change a thing.

He said that there are things that happen in one’s life that shapes who you are.

He pointed out that he has been through a lot in terms of friendships, jobs, and partnerships and they all built who he is now.

But maybe the only way that will happen is if Hickerson goes to jail for a while.

It would be one thing if Hayden Panettiere saw Hickerson’s arrest as a wake-up call that he’s bad news.

He said that the things that happened to him in the past knocked him over and it built his perspective in life now.