There are also a few Russian dating sites that have a long history of conducting their business with integrity and a concerted effort on the elimination of fraudulent activities on their sites: Based on our expertise and our own personal experiences with using Russian dating sites, we recommend the following two sites that are the best for meeting sincere Russian women who want a relationship: Russian Cupid Ukraine Date If you’re interested in those, you can find a review of Russian Cupid and Anatasia Date here directly on Kings of Russia.How to prevent Russian Dating Scams Trying to find a wife that is russian online dating services, you need to be careful because Russian internet dating sites are often “attacked” by con musicians.Be on guard of women who discuss her financial woes within the first few emails. Fake profiles: Some men pose as beautiful, young Russian women and entice unsuspecting foreign men with fake pictures.

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Ask her to see other pictures, her Instagram account, and video chat with her on Skype to verify the authenticity of her profile. She is attached to you very quickly: Russian women are sensitive and loving.

They are also pragmatic and prudent when it comes to love.

Men who use Russian dating sites with sincere intentions of meeting women abroad need to be aware of some of the scams out there to protect themselves. Too good to be true: Be aware of gorgeous women you meet on Russian dating sites that claim they are lonely and cannot meet a man.

While the dating marketplace is more in favor of men in Russia than western counties, model-like woman are certainly not neglected by local men.

She will then ask you for money for the plane ticket and visa.

A few days before the trip, she will contact you stating that something urgent came up and she cannot make the trip unless she has money to pay for XYZ.

While A decent woman that is single on a dating website because she really wants to find a future partner, a scammer goes online to help make a revenue.

You can find lot of articles on the net caution foreigners contrary to the probability of being deceived by Russian women on online sites that are dating.

At this point, you are emotionally invested and excited for meeting her face to face. Her pictures look too perfect: Be cautious about perfect pictures that are obviously photoshopped.

While many Russian women have professional photos taken, they should also have an abundance of normal pictures of herself.

Remember, there are two golden rules for Russian dating sites: Fortunately, not all Russian women have evil intentions.