You declare them using the attribute data-sanitize.The implemented rules are: Here you can read more about how to create your own modules.Check whether your HTML forms have valid information using a sample contact form and validation scripts.

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The text will fade in when the input gets focus on and fade out when the input looses focus.

The container for the help text will have the class By default each input will become validated immediately when the input looses focus.

At 123Form Builder, we use something called "server-side form validation." It might sound complicated, but you just need to know that this is an accurate way to check data.

123Form Builder generates validation scripts for any type of form or survey, such as online order forms and event registration forms. If you want to get into more detail, we offer standard or custom validation for online forms.

Return false to prevent the default behaviour when adding/removing error messages.

Example: $.validate(); /* Supported languages ------------------- Polish: pt Romanian: ro Danish: dk Norwegian: no Dutch: nl Czech: cz Catalan: ca Russian: ru Italian: it French: fr German: de Swedish: se English: en Portuguese: pt */ if you want to validate a form programmatically. The first argument being an object used to override the default error dialogs and the second argument being the configuration object.If you want to allow any kind of letters (not only A-Z) you're looking for the letternumeric validator.Validate qty of checkboxes in a group (same name) have been checked, using min, max or range.Create any type of web form you want with our drag-and-drop form builder and add Javascript validation with a few clicks. If you want the data you need in the format you want, form validation is a must.Next, you can publish the form on all the major platforms. It helps you save time, collect accurate data, display error messages and respond quickly when it matters most.In such a case you must combine the method call with the on Success callback.