I am sorry to have disappointed everyone.” While neither Hu Ge nor Maggie officially acknowledged the romance, they praised each other before the press and did not bother to hide their interactions on Weibo in the past. “My company previously banned me from using Weibo after drinking.

Loneliness is not always a bad thing.” The last post revealed that Hu Ge turned to drinking to relieve his emotional stress.

The pair were photographed behaving intimately at an airport. He pleaded in one of of his posts, “I’m begging everyone, please stop writing about us.

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They met on the set of their upcoming modern sports C-drama which filmed this past summer.

That drama was the reason Hu Ge grew that smoking hot goatee.

Continue reading The 11th Golden Eagle Festival Awards Show took place on October 16th, 2016 in Changsha. Other past winners include Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, and Li Xiaolu.

This is a prestigious award ceremony that only the top stars can attend. In the past, the public is allowed to vote for a “goddess” to represent these awards. That’s why there’s some controversy over the selection.

And honestly, I like Ariel better in clever roles like Xiao Qi in Fairy in Wonderland than in It Started With a Kiss.

Of course...there are those rumors about him and Lin Jiayu dating....

Lin starred in the 2008 adaptation of Louis Cha's novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

In 2013, she is listed by Forbes as the 85st most influential celebrity in China.

In the running were Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Zheng Shuang, Yang Zi, and Dilireba.

Hu Ge once said that Ariel was his favorite lead lady out of the ones he has worked with...

But overall, the drama did not do them any justice. Title: I Will Never Let You Go/Legend of Hua Bu Qi (小女花不弃) # of Episodes: 51 Release Date: January 8“Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Rule the World, Martial Universe, Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, The King of Blaze, See You Again, The Way We Were, Game of Hunting, Never Gone, and Celebrity Updates” Entertainment Update: New stills for The Legends of Monkey King, A Life Time Love, King’s Woman, Advisors’ Alliance, The Destiny of the White Snake, Entrepreneurial Age, Princess Agents, Nirvana in the Fire, Fight Break Sphere, Mark Chao’s Trailer for Midnight Diner, Yang Mi’s leading man for Legend of Fuyao, Yuan Hong’s Wedding Anniversary Continue reading Princess Agents starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, and Shawn Dou released a batch of neck twisting stills.