If your budget can do it, give him an experience and memory the two of you can share.

Tickets to a concert or a sporting event that he would enjoy for example.

Or plan an outing to a place you know he likes, and provide a picnic lunch in an unexpected place.

For example, my daughter's boyfriend is into fishing, and there is an outdoor living exhibition held locally.

You can always say it out of no where like I do and just ask him what he wants for Christmas but be aware they might come back with ' I only want you for Christmas' like my boyfriend also does which is hard. If he is interested in something (say cars) get tickets for a car show or a car race and go with him. If he is a movie buff, take him to a movie with his favorite star, and then to lunch or dinner. I love him so much, but I have no idea what to get him for Christmas. He's already got a job and therefore money and he's already gotten me a Christmas prezzie. By megan What about a tee shirt with the logo of one of his favorite bands? You want to give him something that he will use, and then think of you when he does. If the tee shirt is too pricey, you could do a picture of yourself in a nice frame.

So just ask him some questions and maybe ask his friends what he likes and dislikes (if you don't already know) or even if you talk to his mum ask her what he likes the best and what is a good Christmas present to get him because I do know that mother's know every about their sons half the time. If he likes video games, a gift card for his favorite arcade could work. I really want to get him something meaningful and something that he will be able to keep for a long time. And boys always like chocolate or maybe homemade cookies (one up on the ex!!

Instead, opt for something that'll at least keep his drinking habits in order, all while maintaining that "college bro" apartment vibe.

While you're at it, go ahead and get it engraved for a nice, personal touch.

Literally, someone I'm dating could give me dirty shoelaces, and I'd wrap them around my bed post like a jolly Christmas wreath.

As I've already begun my well-deserved single man shopping spree this season, I've spotted some things I'd deem holiday gift appropriate for that new guy in your life.

Buy: Porter Bottle Opener, , Drop Catch For the guy who's always on the go, there's nothing better than a durable bag used for any type of travel situation. This is your When we're young, it's hard to say no to just how cheap a bottle of Burnetts vodka is.