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Since I installed Office 2016, some RSS feeds are not updating.

internet explorer 8 rss feeds not updating-55

Along with this settings, you can also enable Automatically download enclosures for this RSS Feed.

It will let you download all the attachments included in one article.

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If the profile gets corrupted in some way, you might face such problems .

When you add a new RSS feed in Outlook, the system keeps checking for the latest update at a particular time interval.

If something goes wrong in between, you might not receive new updates from that feed.

These RSS Feeds require authentication and they work fine until I restart the Outlook.

Once the Outlook is restarted, RSS Feeds must be created again in order to update.

Make sure that the Update Limit check box is selected. Here you need to click on Send/Receive Groups option and select Define Send/Receive Groups.

On the next menu, select Schedule an automatic send/receive every [n] minutes and set a value there. You can store RSS Feeds data in two different locations, i.e., in your Microsoft Exchange account or on your computer as a file.

The message I am getting is: Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0x80070005) : 'You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation.' I previously had Office 2016 and Windows 7, so I thought maybe if I switch to Windows 10 it will solve the problem, but nothing changed after I installed Windows 10.