Also of concern is how the i Phone X will fare over time.No matter how unscientific they might be, drop tests indicate that the finish here doesn’t lend itself well to wear and tear.was this nugget of market research from Student Monitor.

Complete Christian-approved assignments and liaise with other members of the program to share experiences. The great thing is that there's no way your sex-buddy will know what you swiped right for if it isn't a match.

Although this is probably more for you than your partner. Voiced exercises will guide you through new romantic and sexual endeavors. While on week one Pillow guides you through how to massage your partner, on week three it will be telling you how to tie them up, blind-fold them and kiss, lick and stroke them... Think you're done swiping left and right just because you're in a relationship? Kindu is a Tinder-style app with sex ideas for couples. Once you and your partner give a thumbs up to the same idea you get a match - and then it's on to trying it in the bedroom.

Avocado is the ultimate pocket-size planner for couples - basically a Whats App for just two, with calendar, notes and reminders as additions.

Never again fear you've sent a sexy shot to you grandma, or any other unwanted relatives.

Apple’s latest flagship the i Phone X (pronounced i Phone 10 not i Phone ‘ex’) is a vital device that will almost certainly shape the design of the iconic series going forward.

It ditches the tired design of the i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 Plus, reducing the bezel and giving it a much needed modern look.

They don't have to know how kinky you really are... Ever wondered how many calories you've burned during sex? The popular app for calorie counting, Run Keeper, has released Sex Keeper.

Track your performance including how long your steamy session lasts for and what positions have been tried (will doggy Oh Mi Bod is a wireless remote app that connects with a wide range of vibrators and enables your partner to control yours from a distance.

Model s písmenky SE v názvu, což mimochodem znamená „Special Edition“ (speciální edice), tak logicky cílí na zákazníky požadující kompaktnější zařízení.

Z další výbavy se sluší vyzdvihnout čtečku otisků prstů, integrovaný 4G/LTE modul pro příjem vysokorychlostního internetu, zabudovaný wi-fi adaptér s aktuálně nejrychlejším standardem 802.11ac či Bluetooth ve verzi 4.2.

Perfect for long distant couples - you don't even need them in the room, or in the same building or in the same city.