She seemed happy with your best friend and who were you to ruin that. You have been friends with that man since you two were babies. You didn't think you're heart could break more but it did. So I'll leave you two to talk." With a small hug from him he walked out of the room leaving you and Hailey alone.

You thought that he still loved Selena but you guessed wrong. The day they announced that they were getting married. So now you were his best woman and had to go to the wedding. Hailey and I we love each other just not in that way. I know I shouldn't have gone for Hailey knowing you liked her.

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He’s the man.” Fans speculated for months that Mendes, 19, and Baldwin, 21, were an item, particularly after they attended the 2018 Met Gala together in New York City in May.

The pair, who previously dated from 2015 to 2016, soaked up the sun together while relaxing on a hotel balcony.

Yet this is the premise of story, “They went on a three-way date… ” Quoting a fictional source, the notorious site writes, “Justin was certainly enjoying himself and the two young women he was with,” adding, “I found it interesting that he was giving equal attention to both girls.”“He was acting as if he was the man because during certain parts of the show, I saw him slouched back in the couch with his arms around both ladies! But if they’re all happy, then more power to them.” led the news cycle on a merry dance with fake allegations of Gomez supposedly feuding with Taylor Swift.

More recently, after the site repeatedly said Swift was dating The 1975’s Matt Healy, the frontman denied it as a “farce.”Its latest claim of a “three-way date” between Bieber, Jenner and Baldwin, should now be treated with the same contempt Hailey appeared to show it on Twitter last night.

He told you he was happy with Hailey and that he wanted to start over. That day forced a smile but as soon as you were in your car along. You couldn't turn down when Justin asked you to be his best woman. The wedding that the person you love is getting married to someone else. Not many good thought were going through your mind.

* "Hailey you wanted to-" You stopped yourself from talking at seeing how beautiful Hailey looked in her wedding dress. "I can't marry Justin when I'm in love with his best friend.

Austin released his debut album titled Junior Year on October 8, 2013, under Chase, Universal Republic Records.

Catholicism Singing singles like “Say Somethin”, “Say You’re Just a Friend”, “What About Love”, “” and others.

He didn't tell you and you also couldn't say no to Hailey. She cupped your cheeks and wiped your tears away with her thumps. " You gently took her wrists to stop her from messing around with your bow tie. I know I'm such a bitch but I just can't.