Appearing on This Morning earlier this week, the You Tube sensation insisted that the pair are "too busy" for anything but rehearsing and performing for the BBC show.

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Do you know what, it's so nice, I've met such a good friend in Dianne." Leaning forward Phillip remarked: "And…? Not only is he such a hard worker, he does it with so much fun.

" Laughing, Joe replied: "We haven't got time to think of anything like that! " Australian professional Dianne - who recently confirmed her split from Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan - went on to praise Joe's efforts with all his dance. We haven’t had a day in the studio where we haven’t laughed continuously…

Jeff claimed that one of Kay and Kristie's arguments turned into a physical altercation and that he had to step in to keep them from hurting each other.

She also told her work friend that if anything ever happened to her, she hoped that Kay would not be allowed to raise her son.

According to their own accounts, the Petralias were still in the apartment at that time.

The Petralias came up again when detectives questioned Kristie's best friend at work.The couple moved to Pompano Beach, Florida, to be closer to his parents.Jeff found a job at a travel agency while Kristie worked as a hairstylist.Kristi, Jeff, and Zachary had planned to move back to Texas, which angered the Petralias.They refused to take a polygraph test and proclaim their innocence.Police next looked into the possibility that Kristie had interrupted a burglary.