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By 2080, the data suggested, the Jewish community there would be virtually non-existent.

Among the study's conclusions was that Israel would be home to the world's largest Jewish community as early as 2020, and the majority of the world's Jews by 2050.

Largest current exodus is to Germany, followed by Israel and the USA. However, replenished by immigration from other Latin American countries to Mexico.

Those leaving are much wealthier than those coming, though immigration to Mexico has positively impacted on its Judaism.

In 1939, there were 17 million Jews in the world, and by 1945 only 11 million.

While in the 13 years following the Holocaust the Jewish population grew by one million, it took another 38 years for it to grow another million.

Europe was decimated of its Jewish population and Israel and America became the new major centers of Jewry.

France, the Soviet Union and Hungary were the three Holocaust-hit countries left with reasonable populations.

Most Klei Kodesh in Mexico today are from Argentina. In the same period, according to the study, the number of Jews in Israel would likely double, swelling to 10 million.