If going abroad is not an option at the moment, you may consider registering on the online dating sites. Besides, it is very convenient in terms of finding your love without traveling hundreds of miles overseas.

In her opinion, a perfect man is decisive and reliable.

Russian women are very tender and vulnerable even if they don’t admit it.

He is married to the fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg.

is not alone in being accused of using unscrupulous practices on customers seeking romantic company online.

"She told him she had to have face contact with 100 people a month."He said that his clients also received e-mails, called "winks", implying that another member was interested in them, he added. Evans's case, not only did he get a wink, he got a date," said Mr Quintilone.

has 15 million members and one million subscribers who pay for one month or for six.Therefore, they want to have someone manly by their side to feel safe and protected.Curiously enough, Russian girls are not obsessed with good looks of the future partner.Kristin Kelly, a spokesman, described the allegations as having "no basis in fact" and "completely without merit".She added: "We absolutely do not employ people to go on dates with subscribers nor to send members misleading e-mails professing romantic interest."Ms Kelly insisted that the company had no need to resort to such underhand tactics, saying that membership has soared 19 per cent in 12 months and citing a survey that found 12 per cent of weddings in America were the result of online encounters. Every man’s dream is to have by his side a beautiful and graceful woman to love him and care for him.