On 2 June 2016, she appeared on television, now on Smack Down!

Ashley is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs over 50 kg. Ashley had a salary of $131,000 in 2010 which might have increased to million in 2018.

Besides, she also receives a good amount from endorsements and bonuses.

According to the Suffolk County Police, she died of non-criminal causes.

The policemen went to her home Thursday morning on a report of a sick person.

On the March 26 episode of Raw, she coupled up with Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson, in a winning effort defeating Melina, Hall, and Victoria. , Massaro was suspended briefly following accidentally spilling Mr. On July 9, 2008, she was released from her WWE contract.

Massaro has crowned 2002 Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA and 2004 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada.Some of the brands promoted and used by Ashley Massaro are Apple Inc., Diet Pepsi, Lamborghini, Burberry, and others as well which are not specified on the net.Ashley is not to be found doing any of the social work till now but she can be seen doing it the near future.He also had plans about getting his band, Peroxwhy? Matt hardy, Ashley massaro, Shane helms, shannon Moore, ken Kennedy, Jeff hardy, jimmy wang yang, the great khali, chris Jericho, mvp, and edge are all friends shannon Moore, jimmy wang yang and hornswaggle r friends theres a bunch just check their myspaces They did not They were NEVER together..was a storyline for Raw Trish is married to a real estate developer that she dated for 14 plus years.Jeff is dating a woman named Beth Britt and they have been dating for 10 years.In the show, she was assigned to the Zhan Hu tribe in the first episode and soon started fighting with fellow contestant Dave Cruser.