And yes, I realize the hairdo is probably a hold over from her recent chemo treatments.

Unfortunately though she looks plain beyond words, angry and possibly allergic to a makeup brush.

I would be shocked to find out that she was closeted. "They've got a hard veneer, but once you get inside, they have your back for the rest of your life.

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Even so I believe she only pinged to me because of wishful thinking.

She was in a relationship - or married - to a guy at the time.

She's never pinged for me and I've never seen her name mentioned on DL so has she just been hiding in plain sight this entire time? On the viewing horizon since the late 1980s, actress Maura Tierney has been a steady product of independent features, some hits and some misses, for close to a decade and a half.

An odd and compelling beauty, she came from an upperscale Bostonian family and was raised in the Hyde Park district.

She was remarkably successful as 'the girl' in a lot of movies at that time without ever becoming tabloid fodder.

Her work-day and career revolved around News Radio before ER.

"I'd be backstage thinking, 'Okay, if this gets really bad they'll just take me to Bellevue.'"[...]Flea market finds and odd gifts from some of her co-stars fill Tierney's much-beloved Venice Beach house.

"Did she mention the stuffed squirrels in a glass case that Andy Dick gave her? "It hangs in the powder room."Well her angry lesbo haircut isn't helping matters.

This was before the wrote the Weaver character as gay.

Her glib answer to "who do you want your character to hook up with on the show" was "Laura Innes." And she clarified THAT by explaining that she thought she was especially wonderful because she was a great director - rather than back-track with nervous "oooh I'm straight" stuff.

I hate to be posting twice so early in a thread but am going to anyway. For whatever reason, Tierney seems to enjoy playing with lesbian innuendo, because she spoke about how they all took their shirts off, and she was able to touch these other women's breasts.r9, It wasn't particularly things that Tierney said that made me suspect something, but just how things came out of her "very close friend." In any event, whatever her orientation, she seemed like a cool, fun woman and good for her for fighting and beating cancer.