Young men can enjoy class taught by Pastor Gary– he’s sure to teach something new and interesting.Adult: Adults can participate in a midweek class held in the sanctuary.Men’s Prayer and Share Breakfast: Every 3rd Saturday of the month at am.

Adult: There are three Sunday School options for adults, choose the one that appeals to you!

Wednesday Classes: Children: All children potty trained and older are welcome to join us on Wednesday night’s where they can enjoy interactive music, and fun, educational classes suited to their age level.

Having survived the fury of the Roman Catholic Church, the Russian empire and then the Soviet Union, their community today in Central Asia is small and shrinking but, against the odds, is still hanging on.

Their principal stronghold here is the village of Rot Front, or Red Front, the Soviet-era name of a tidy, two-street settlement at the foot of the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim-majority nation of breathtaking natural beauty and deep poverty formed when the Soviet Union imploded in 1991.

Even marriage has become disposable and cheap to match the current generation.

Marriage in the conservative Mennonite community is one of those things that has not undergone this silverware to plastic transformation.Divorce is not an option for those raised in this tradition.However—having been otherwise assimilated into the prevailing culture—many of us are choosing to divorce from a marriage commitment altogether and remain single.“Here Kyrgyz people think we are crazy because we cut the grass,” she said.Three of her grown children have moved to Germany, and she worries about the marriage prospects of the two daughters still in Rot Front.ROT FRONT, Kyrgyzstan — Each Sunday morning, a rickety white bus wheezes down the main street of one of Christendom’s most remote and odd outposts in the Muslim world.