And this was an area that absolutely NO ONE seemed to have a CLUE about in terms of anything that actually WORKED.

I know what it took for me to COMMIT to learning these skills and getting this part of my life handled.

In the years since then, I have observed how the very same issues thatcreated the need for that perverts the truth on how to attract women sexually.

It means that person makes no excuses and that he has NO LIMITS. So, once again, I wholeheartedly say CONGRATULATIONS for being that kind of man.

you can’t appeal to women sexually based on those things alone.

The written word allows more detail, more nuance, more explanation, and it can be more easily analyzed for truth, since every word is in front of you.

That is another reason why I dedicated myself to writing these new insights, strategies, and techniques for attracting women into one STELLAR book.

And now, after years of newsletters, there is now the greatest new advance in attraction technology history since The Dating Wizard was first released thirteen years ago.

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I was one of those guys who was so lonely in high school that I used to eat my LUNCH in the washroom stall.

And when I finally turned things around for myself, I made it my mission to not only teach men what I had learned, but to teach it in the most clear way possible, and not to sell out or resort to half-truths through the use of misleading marketing tactics, including fraudulent or misleading “live pick up footage” videos.

It changed the lives of thousands of men all over the world, helping them attract the women of their dreams.

Their stories were featured in newspapers and news media throughout the world.

Not having this book is like boxing with the champ with one arm tied behind your back!