The bigger concern is that now we'd have to maintain Is it safe to say that the and .csproj are consumed/maintained as usual from within the Visual Studio IDE GUI while the custom msbuild script is hand-written and usually consumes the already existing individual .csproj "as-is"?That's one way I can see reduce overlap/duplicate in maintenance...Even with these checklists, when building large sites with hundreds of pages, the job of checking each item off against your encyclopaedia of pages can be hard to stomach.

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The smart people at the W3C have come up with a great set of guidelines that are referred to as the WCAG.

These checklists give developers an easy way to make sure the site they are building is accessible.

Here are some factors that favor an msbuild process: Let me give an example to expand on my last point. Share Point development at a minimum requires Share Point foundation to be installed to perform builds on Share Point projects.

Speaking in terms of a lightweight build server, it's completely impractical to require the build server to have Share Point installed.

There are two progressive levels of accessibility in the WCAG checklist from the W3C, marked as Priority 1 and Priority 2.

With these staged checklists is becomes easier to implement a staged roll out of accessibility to a site.That is to say, the build process is so reliable that no matter the build configuration, you will get a predictable build output. The result of a predictable and reliable build is that the test, deployment, and release process can then be highly automated, further reducing the risk of human error.Establishing a build process requires an investment, but in certain cases, the investment is required.In fact, the project files handle most of the real dirty work here no matter if you are building from solutions or building from a custom msbuild script.We also use Team City to build and publish applications and we will typically end up with custom msbuild scripts for most projects.In fact, our build server has no installation requirements other than the . As a reference, I would recommend checking out this book by Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi: