Even in this new relationship, Alex cannot bury her feelings for Rachel.Rachel has tried to move on and found some new friends via an Internet chatroom.

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They have 2 dogs, Harper and Jacoby, who she loves to take on trips to various dog parks.

Nicole and her wife are expecting their first child later this year and can't wait for the next adventure in their lives. She is extremely excited to be invited to join Muddy Paws Writers Group.

When Alex hears about this, she can't resist the temptation to be a fly on the wall of the group chat.

Will Rachel ever find out that Alex is spying on her?

Emily is a native of Northern Kentucky and has lived there her whole life.

She and her dog, a husky-mix named Callie, love to train in obedience and agility together in their spare time.

She thoroughly enjoyed bringing SPYING ON LOVE to the public and looks forward to writing more of her own material as well as editing the stories for the other ladies in the group.

She is originally from Richmond, Virginia but settled in Cincinnati after her wife changed jobs.

When Kate hires the beautiful and charming Brooke Hensen, the new girl strives to win over Jenny, who thought she had already given her heart away.