* 48-month moves are ones where your constituent moved between 19 and 48 months ago.Your output file will include those updated addresses. True NCOA respects the privacy of everyone in our data universe.

The USPS maintains a database of old and new addresses of people who fill out a Mail Forwarding form.

This database is licensed to select NCOA processors who provide address update services to interested parties.

ie 52233-1458 Cass certification is required unless the customer can provide documentation that they have cass certified their list/s prior to submitting to Cedar Graphics.

If not already cass certified, Cedar Graphics can perform this service to all mail lists received.

You can skip this step if you wish and we will do this for you.

Choose the service you need (we can do more than NCOA).– Hidden in your database may be hundreds or even thousands of prospects that do not receive your mail anymore.Instead of losing those names, you can update your database with their most current mailing addresses.Pay for the services you selected We process your list within hours and return it with a certificate stating that your list is up-to-date.If you mail to your list in bulk, you will get the Bulk Mail discount only if you prove the accuracy of your list. When you run your file with True NCOA your file processes for free and you get a complimentary True NCOA Report (here's an example). With the /file pricing, you will receive: - Updated addresses for 18 and 48-month moves - Address standardization - Identified Move Types - Identified Address Types - Identified Vacancies - An Interactive Move Map * If your constituent filed a move with the USPS within the last 18 months we consider that to be an 18-month move.