As of 2018, there were approximately three million single-person households in the Netherlands.How many of these households were actively dating online is unknown.

Online dating websites are so popular nowadays and a lot of people using them to find amazing erotic adventures.

You can find ladies from different parts of the world, find new friends, make a relationship or satisfies your hidden desires.

This is due to both the decreasing number of people who are actively dating as well as people being less willing to spend much money during a date.

Of all couples in the Netherlands, approximately 14 percent met each other through the internet in 2017. People over 40 years increasingly find a new relationship online.

There were approximately three million single-person households in 2017 in the Netherlands, the highest number reached since 2000.

Between 20, total expenses on dating decreased by approximately 11 percent to 684 million euros.

Users aged 16 to 24 did this the most, with approximately 22 percent.

Based on the number of visitors per month, was the most popular online dating website in the Netherlands, with 426,000 visitors as of January 2017.

According to the results of a 2017 survey, the leading reason why singles would use a dating website was "to search for a serious relationship", as opposed to searching for "a nice date" or "social contact".