In addition, teledildonics allows sex workers to earn extra money by fulfilling requests.

Imagine that you and your lover are a plane flight apart and want to get it on. But if you want something closer to actual partner sex and have around $600 to spare, you can now enjoy remote sex with sensations that approach real caresses.

The man has an advanced penis sleeve capable of pulsating and contracting.

During the 20th century, remote sex migrated to the telephone, and even folks like Dear Abby have recommended it for long-distance lovers.

Of course, remote sex is not the real thing, but the body’s sexiest organ is the mind, and remote sex excites it.

But the largest market for Web-enabled sex devices appears to be sex work.

The Web already contains a surfeit of sites whose women (and gay male) employees show their assets, touch themselves, and exhort remote users to masturbate.

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The two lovers connect their sex toys via an app and connect to each other through Face Time.