While most call themselves “dating apps” and have the intention of getting people into relationships, some have a big reputation for being more for hookups and casual fun than actual long-term relationships.Whether you lead a busy life or you’re just looking for something not-so-serious, you may prefer a method for finding a quick fling over a long-term relationship.From there, you can choose to share other details like phone numbers, and even plan to meet up in person.

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After you’ve created your account through Facebook and you add your additional login information, you’ll be ready to go, complete with your own sets of match radiuses, age ranges, and preferred gender(s).

The app uses your physical location to connect you with others in your area, and if you both “like” each other, you will match and can have a conversation within the app.

If you and another user both swipe right, you’re matched up and a conversation thread begins.

It’s an incredibly easy way of going about matching users together, but it does rely on having good pictures, a strong bio, and generally not being a creep when beginning a conversation.

Yes, Tinder is our favorite casual and hookup app on i OS, the undisputed king of the “hookup app” industry.

The app’s been considered for flings and quick relationships for years, even if Tinder markets itself as a full-fledged dating app.Tinder’s easy to setup, too, so long as you already have that Facebook account.You can build your profile over a short few minutes, importing pictures from your Facebook account and building a biography.You don’t have to feel odd or uncomfortable trying to find someone who’s looking for the same connection as you, since these apps are often all based around quick hookups or casual relationships.Using these apps is a far easier method than heading out to a bar or party, and you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.The app is free to start using, but there is an option to pay to get extra features such as unlimited likes, redos on missed matches, and matching with anyone in any location and other things that might be of interest to some people.