There’s the times when I see the dudes that live here go home with one of those college girls.

Sometimes it's an older guy, and that’s not cool, but there’s not much you can do. Though usually when the girl sees it’s a doorman building, she kind of calms down cause it means the dude isn’t a total scumbag.

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Some of them tip or 0 when we do something like that, so we are really careful to have it well organized and done politely.”— Your sex dungeon is yours to clean: "There are a lot of tenants in this building who [have] pied-a-terres, and one financial company rented out a chunk of apartments. None of my girls ever want to clean them, even though the tips are great [and we still have to clean them]. One dude, he was dating a girl [who lives] here, and he had season tickets to the Jets. They break the beams off the ceiling if they can, especially in a rental building. The most common stuff that breaks is the toilet or the kitchen sink.