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With her country now facing the prospect of war, Turchina is raring for battle.

"Given what's going on in our country, I cannot just stand aside," she tells RFE/RL in her home city of Lviv, in western Ukraine. Yes, I'm ready to shoot at the enemy." Ukrainian men have been queuing up to enroll in the army since Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened on March 1 to invade Crimea.

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LVIV, Ukraine -- As millions of women across the world looked forward to celebrating International Women's Day on March 8, Tetiana Turchina was in no mood for flowers, chocolate, and festivities.

The young Ukrainian woman watched with dismay as Russian troops took control of Crimea, the picturesque and strategic peninsula in southern Ukraine, one week ago.

But this is now my personal blog, and I see no reason not to put at least this brief spotlight on Oksana, small recognition for her tenacious and often self-sacrificial activism.

[A note on this post – my numbering is now surely off.

Women have served in the self-defense units created to defend the protest camp on Kyiv's Independence Square from riot police.