They like knowing their partner is proud of their achievements, whether it’s something big, such as a promotion at work, or small, like finding the best new restaurant for date nights.

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), and I’ve spent a lot of time as of late learning more and more about each Enneagram type and how it all fits into our day-to-day lives.

I love personality tests (ENTJ, Sagittarius sun, Enneagram 8, solid 50 percent Carrie/30 percent Miranda/30 percent Samantha, Love Language is quality time but I love to give gifts — date me!

The Helper is all about doing what they can for their loved ones.

They know how to make you feel loved and appreciated, and they’re great at validating the feelings of others (even if it means doubting their own).

Give yourself two hours when you’re out to dinner or just catching up on Fours are known for being creative, but in relationships, they are playful, fun, and spirited.

They are open to new experiences and love getting to share their creativity and passion with someone else.

As a four, it is important to remind your partner that they aren’t to blame for your emotions.

Fours do not like being called overdramatic or being told they’re overreacting in a situation; therefore, it’s important to talk with your partner about your emotions instead of closing them off. Fives love to approach situations with data on hand.

Well, to that I say, because I’m a Type 8, Virgo moon who loves to give advice and is somewhat of a know-it-all.) However, the Enneagram is.