caligirl86: fine fuck you fucking tease caligirl86: I knew you werent serious Randy Andy: :p H0Tg1rl69: hey sweety H0Tg1rl69: asl?

Randy Andy: heya hun Randy Andy: 22/m wales Randy Andy: feeling kinky?

brave_heart19: i would like to had a friend like u brave_heart19: sure plz K00l_girl15: brave_heart19: have u got msn siz111: hi Ho T_g1rl15: hey sweetheart Ho T_g1rl15: what your asl?

brave_heart19: tell me honey brave_heart19: to know brave_heart19: did u brave_heart19: or just sucking ur %%%%%%% with a dick K00l_girl15: no i dint stick it in me K00l_girl15: i just suck it brave_heart19: ok brave_heart19: then u r virgin brave_heart19: what about ur back brave_heart19: is it free or no brave_heart19: have u ever spanked ?

K00l_girl15: no brave_heart19: nice K00l_girl15: hey K00l_girl15: wanna see my pics?

17_f_Megumi: yes Thegreatestever: do u have a vagina 17_f_Megumi: i now am reaming your ass 17_f_Megumi: you are horrible in bed 17_f_Megumi: so i take my cock and shove it in my vagina 17_f_Megumi: i cum 17_f_Megumi: lol 17_f_Megumi: bye brave_heart19: hi K00l_girl15: hey brave_heart19: how r u kool gal brave_heart19: wanna chat brave_heart19: what is hey brave_heart19: what does it meanssss K00l_girl15: yeah i wanna chatt...

K00l_girl15: it like hi brave_heart19: ok nice brave_heart19: how old r u sweety K00l_girl15: 15 K00l_girl15: u?

daniel7780: i masterbate to your pic at night and wene i go to the bathroom durring class Hot Horny Girl: OOOOooo daniel7780: have you ever masterbated to me??? Hot Horny Girl: go away Hot Horny Girl: BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA Hot Horny Girl: FOOGLY WOOGLY Hot Horny Girl: ZING sexycaliboyy: aight stfu' God damnit. lisa_sexi_6969: hey there big boi lisa_sexi_6969: i vanna touch yo cock niggz I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: how old r u? I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: im 22 I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wo I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: i like little %%%%% lisa_sexi_6969: cool lisa_sexi_6969: lets cyber I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: ya baby I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: hey my dick is getting big lisa_sexi_6969: o yea lisa_sexi_6969: i take off my top lisa_sexi_6969: and touch your cock I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh ya baby I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: thats cool lisa_sexi_6969: i rub my breasts in your face I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: hmmmmm I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: im licking ur boobs I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: baby lisa_sexi_6969: i squirt milk in your face lisa_sexi_6969: you begin to gargle it lisa_sexi_6969: you choke I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh wow lisa_sexi_6969: and then i get up and piss all over your face lisa_sexi_6969: then turn u on your chest lisa_sexi_6969: you like lisa_sexi_6969: i like your ass cheeks lisa_sexi_6969: so i lick em I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: i wanna lick ur pusssy baby lisa_sexi_6969: then i spread your ass cheeks apart lisa_sexi_6969: i stick my tongue in it I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow lisa_sexi_6969: then i shove my 12 inch cock in your ass lisa_sexi_6969: im pumpin baby lisa_sexi_6969: o yea lisa_sexi_6969: baby?

Hot Horny Girl: Yes Hot Horny Girl: With my 9 inch cock Hot Horny Girl: HA HA HA Hot Horny Girl: GOTCHA Hot Horny Girl: I RAPE YOU Hot Horny Girl: AND KILL YOU Hot Horny Girl: MUHUHAHAHAHA Hot Horny Girl: FUCK YEAHHeres another one (hes a guy : P)c2cmale: hi Hot Horny Girl: Hi c2cmale: asl Hot Horny Girl: 18/F/UK c2cmale: have u msn Hot Horny Girl: NO Hot Horny Girl: I WILL NOT POLE DANCE TO YOU c2cmale: why Hot Horny Girl: I DONT CARE IF YOUR A FULP Hot Horny Girl: I DONT EVEN CARE IF YOUR TOM FULPHot Horny Girl: SHUT THE FUCK UP Hot Horny Girl: FATMAN c2cmale: ý am fit c2cmale: and huge %%%% Hot Horny Girl: SO WHAT Hot Horny Girl: I HAVE SOMEONE WITH 90 inch COCK Hot Horny Girl: IN YO FACE Hot Horny Girl: BI ATCH Hot Horny Girl: BOOYAH Hot Horny Girl: *drums*another SHORT one:sexycaliboyy: heyy babyy you naughtyyyyyyyy? I was pranking some girl named Xx Kittysex Xx or something like that, and my dad walks in. I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: ya lisa_sexi_6969: i penetrate deeply lisa_sexi_6969: your ass is bleeding lisa_sexi_6969: you have a shiny new hernia now I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh baby make me feel good lisa_sexi_6969: i pulll my cock out your ass lisa_sexi_6969: there is shit hanging off of it lisa_sexi_6969: i wipe it across your face and give u a dirty eyepatch lisa_sexi_6969: yea then i fuck your eye lisa_sexi_6969: mmm the shit stains lisa_sexi_6969: well? lisa_sexi_6969: i wanna put my cock into your urethra! thehitman_55: want to cyber sex lisa_sexi_6969: fyea thehitman_55: how old are u lisa_sexi_6969: 14 lisa_sexi_6969: wanna cyber?

kingishly21: which is u H0Tg1rl69: the girl convered with shit kingishly21: OMFGrandomrory: alrite how u doin???

H0Tg1rl69: touching my self H0Tg1rl69: randomrory: i wood do that for u if u want!!!

H0Tg1rl69: yeah Randy Andy: good H0Tg1rl69: wanna see my pics sweety?