Bad Example: “I hate junk food and anything with sour cream.”Good Example: “I love real, natural foods and prefer to shop at the farmer’s market! The first example immediately puts a guy in a negative state of mind because you even used the word “hate.” The positive example, however, gets the same message across and will actually be more effective at connecting you with someone who feels the same way. What you really want to show someone is your sense of humor.

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Nobody wants to read a novel-length bio depicting your entire life.

What you should do is list a couple things you really enjoy.

If you want to get ahead of the game, having some good online dating profile examples to attract men can help.

More and more people are turning to dating apps and websites to pick up a guy and get to know him.

I happen to be a woman of many interests, reading and swimming being at the top of my list after writing and baking, but who knows, perhaps you may take one of those spots.

I love real, natural foods and even prefer to shop at the farmer’s market.

Guys aren’t usually interested in what you do for work unless it’s super impressive or something they’re not super familiar with.

Bad Example: “I work for a company that specializes in producing medical equipment for the physically disabled.

I’m a sales rep for the executive and travel often selling pieces to assisted living homes.”Good Example: “I work in sales and get to travel often – which is fun!