If you want to get a complete review you can login to their official website and try the Pg Dating Pro demo.The screenshots below will give you a preview of how the admin demo looks like and what kind of features an online demo has.This means that Pg Dating Pro features are completely customizable and extendable.

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Its themes have a responsive design, so it can be used on any device, regardless of the screen size.

Some examples of features are user search and ratings, nearest users, customizable profile fields editor, color schemes editor, themes, multiple language support, notifications, SMS payments, likes and comments and many more.

What we do know is Golden has built quite an online following.

Golden’s You Tube channel “The Find Guru” specializes in fashion, hair and fitness.

Earlier on Monday we received a tip that the Celtics star was seeing someone new.

Now we have pictures of the two from Irving’s Invitational.When a fan asked Golden on Instagram if the two were dating, Golden responded with a questions mark.We will have to see how things develop between Irving and Golden.It started with Kyrie talking to Brad Stevens and had a big heart to heart about everything.” And then Kyrie asked to talk to the whole team and had this huge life talk on the plane,” Simmons continued.“Kyrie apparently was like apologizing to everybody and said ‘I am not handling this well, I am sorry I am not doing this, I have been a dick’ and just kind of did the whole thing.It comes integrated payment systems, dynamic profile builder for unique profile and search forms structures, but you can also expand your demo site’s features by installing extra add-ons.