I signed up for a month after getting a couple of messages and though why not!- As the girls who messaged me weren't drop dead gorgeous and seemed more believable (with photos in various locations).Having had some sucess on adult friend finder I was looking for somewhere new and different.

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Plenty more naughty fish is the "adult" contact side of plentymorefish Which brands itself as the UK's fastest growing online singles database.

I joined pmnf after a female friend knew I was looking and suggested it as she knew someone who used it.

Could it be that this is some kind of "honeytrap" to get desperate single gentleman to sign up for the "premium" service?

Like a sucker, I signed up for a month so that I could see what the messages I'd received said - no replies to date and quite frankly I don't expect any.

If you have any further problems you can always contact me using the link in the menu bar.

Thanks Admin Hmm, interesting to see the comments about the main plentymorefish site.I also noticed nearly al the messages from both girls were ending in '', which I guess is common but just seemed too much of a coincidence. And these women usually post they make well above the national income amount in this time of a very serious recession.THEN, someone else contacted me, ending in the same '' and I started to get fed up. But I agree, what IS it with the horses and Harleys.I went into this with my eyes open, things make look up but I will address my concerns to the site operators.I would appreciate other people's comments on this and I'll let you all know how things go.But after swapping a few messages with a couple of them I noticed a few patterns forming.