In identifying the type of conduct forbidden under this broad prohibition, the statute provides a non-exhaustive list of specific actions that a debt collector may not undertake; three of these specific actions pertain to postdated checks.

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Technically when you write a future date on a check, it does not become a negotiable instrument until that date. However, practically speaking most banks disregard the date on the check and negotiate the check.

What is illegal is fraud: obtaining goods or services by promising a payment that you do not intend to pay.

Idaho’s unfair collection practices statute contains a provision identical to the federal notification provision pertaining to checks postdated by more than five days.

I don’t understand why it’s illegal to post-date a check, but perfectly legal to put a check in an unbreakable crystal box that can’t be opened for five days.

I've been told it's because crystal boxes don't exist.

"Ain't never been no crystal check box I couldn't break into," my grandfather used to say.

The same law disallows an organization from making the same representation but then cashing or depositing the check without reasonable procedures in place to prevent the premature cashing of the postdated check.

Where the recipient accepted a check knowing that it was postdated, West Virginia law requires the recipient of a postdated check to, upon the request of the check’s maker, pay the fees and any other costs resulting from the early cashing or depositing of the check.

A post-dated check would not be fraud by itself, unless you never intended to fund the account.

That said, the date does not prevent the bank from accepting the check before the date.

For this, you want a “Promissory Note”, not a check.