Hence, in case of major updates you need to consider the possibility of your i Phone being unable to connect to Apple severs due to high load on Apple severs.

Sure as the sky is blue I checked her available storage and there was less than 75M remaining on her physical device.

I deleted an app that wasn't being used and freed up about 200MB, tried the verification again and Viola!

Consider making a Turn OFF Find My i Phone in order to Restore i Phone using i Tunes.5.

On the pop-up, confirm that you want to restore your device.i Tunes will download the latest version of i OS and install it on your device after erasing all the files on your device.

I hadn't updated in a while, so I ran the update for i Tunes, restarted the computer, then attempted to update my i Phone software. Make sure that when you plug in the phone it is trusted. i Phone 6 and newer will take IOS 12.1 and update firmware at the same time.

The update process proceeded for a long time, and then (after the update seemed to be complete) it ran through the backup process. You may need to enter your phone PIN code to let i Tunes access it. In general, i OS updates are effortless and do not bother i Phone users, but sometimes things can go wrong and you may find that your i Phone is not updating to the latest version of i OS.In case you are dealing with a well publicized or major i OS update, there will be millions of i OS devices simultaneously downloading Updates from Apple servers.Keep visiting our site for free tech guides and other stuff. I run Windows 10, and synchronize with my i Phone using i Tunes. Same issue getting error and the first time it tried my Iphone 6 would not even turn ON.