I have inherited an application that uses telerik controls.

This is my first time to work with it and I'm a little confused.

Hi Ivan, I have a simple combobox datatemplate that binds to a business object that implements Property Changed.

btw: setting the Items Source with mode=twoway makes no sense to me.

your combobox will never "create a new itemssource" for your viewmodel.

I have a Rad Combo Box that has its values hard coded.

When the user selects an item, a Rad Grid is refreshed to show the records that correlate with the item the user selects from this combo box. I'm trying to create link buttons, so that when the user clicks on one, the Rad Combo Box value is changed to whatever value I set it to in the codebeind page and the Rad Grid is refreshed to show the appropriate records.

EDIT: i think your first solution works because of setting the Data Context in xaml.

i assume that Data Context="" is execute when calling Initialize Component(); and because your List String property is just an autoproperty and not implement INotify Property Changed - your mainwindowview does not get notified that your ctor creates a new List String property.

I can set the value of the Rad Combo Box, and see what value it has when debugging, but the Rad Combo Box in the browser does not reflect the change and the Rad Grid is not refreshed when I programatically execute the event handler for it.

I have an updating issue with Binding in my Combo Box.

Thanks, it's the Is Editable issue that is causing the problem for us - I wasn't aware of that specific behaviour.