This sidesteps Electron's built-in update mechanism, meaning that the rest of this documentation will not apply to If you're developing a private Electron application, or if you're not publishing releases to Git Hub Releases, it may be necessary to run your own update server.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from one of these: Once you've deployed your update server, continue with importing the required modules in your code.

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You can use electron-is-dev to check for the environment.

Now that you've configured the basic update mechanism for your application, you need to ensure that the user will get notified when there's an update.

I was never successful via the DJI Assistant 2 application, but I finally decided to try the DJI GO 4 android app one last time and it worked.

I do not know what was different from the last 5 attempts but it is updated and working.

If you do not see the prompt, the file may have downloaded automatically.

The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best consumer level drones on the market.

Congratulations – your Phantom 4 is now using the latest firmware.

Just reboot your aircraft and remote controller to continue using your aircraft.

Remember – if you have more than one battery – you’ll need to follow this process with each different battery fitted to the aircraft.

This is because some aspects of the firmware relate directly to the Phantom 4 battery.

The Wi-Fi® indicator on the front of the system should be solid white to indicate network connectivity.