Select the files that you want to restore and move them to your i Pad. Restoring i Pad devices using i Skysoft is a great way of maintaining the integrity of your files and data.

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Normally, when you update the i OS version, all features are returned to their locked status, which means that a jailbroken i Pad will go back to the non-jailbreak status.

This is something that most people do not want; restoring i Pad without updating the i OS is therefore very crucial.

Doing so through i Tunes won’t necessarily guarantee recovering all data on your phone.

Think to yourself when the last time you backed up your phone was.

If you don't disable Activation Lock, the next person who gets your i Phone — either a buyer or repair person — won't be able to use it.

An i Phone in recovery mode is almost entirely useless to someone.

Restoring an i Phone also fixes some problems such as problems with jailbreaks. In i OS 7 and up, a security feature called Activation Lock requires you to enter the Apple ID used to set up the phone if you want to reset it.

This feature has reduced i Phone thefts since it makes a stolen i Phone hard to use.

Step 2) Disabling the i Pad update during restoration Go to the “terminal” and then enable visibility of the Library folder.