The two "modes" are boss battle and full motion video.

The boss battles are in first-person and generally have old Robot Masters or enemies, although there are a few exceptions in which the player needs to fight new bosses exclusive to this game.

At the age of 16, Rachtman auditioned to sing in the band the Angry Samoans, and the next year he was in a band called the Fairlanes.

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When Mega Man attempts to find his way through the Amazon jungle, he is constantly stopped by Wily robots that all were remade by Ra Moon for Wily.

During this time, the player must make an option on whom they are to battle.

After that is gone, to destroy Ra Moon at last, Mega Man risks his own life by using the Double Mega Buster which could cause him to overheat and die.

Fortunately, the Double Mega Buster was a success (although Mega Man was temporarily knocked out), Ra Moon and the temple were obliterated by the excess of strength from the Double Mega Buster, and the field was also wrecked, making all electricity work again.

Despite having no TV experience during that time, he eventually got a job as a VJ on MTV after his successful performance during his audition at MTV studios in New York.

Rachtman had a brief appearance as a wedding guest in Guns N' Roses' music video "November Rain".

Roll occasionally teleports from a panel, breaking her rhythm of movement.

Roll Arrow Roll fires a heart-tipped arrow straight forward.

With that, Wily then addressed the world through televisions, saying that he harnessed power from Ra Moon and that all robots need to surrender to Ra Moon and Dr. Immediately Light made Mega Man, Rush, and Beat all completely immune to the field so they can get over there without any interruption by that field and end Dr.