A love story between a construction worker and the head of construction site's daughter.

Movie mood: Beautiful student Su-Eun prevents her fellow student Su-Ho to drown in the ocean.

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Seung-Min doesn't recognize the woman at first, but then realizes the woman is Seo-Yeon. See full summary » Director: Yong-Joo Lee A movie about an arranged marriage between the grandchildren of two friends. The boy is a new teacher and the girl is a high school student at the same high school. Movie mood: Thirty-year-old Yun-woo bumps into a high school student in the elevator while on his way to work.

His heart starts pounding at this teenager's boldness. See full summary » Director: Jang-ha Ryu A love story between a firefighter and his girlfriend; a girl and her unemployed boyfriend; a mother and her son (motherly love); and a deaf girl working at a theme park and a guy she meets there.

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Su-Ho however, does not know who saved him, until Su-Eun tells him after a while. See full summary » Director: Yun-su Jeon Jun-young (Kam Woo-seong) is a man in his early thirties who has seen his friends and younger brother get married but has yet to open himself to a serious relationship. See full summary » Director: Ha Yoo A young man sees a drunk, cute woman standing too close to the tracks at a metro station in Seoul and pulls her back.

She ends up getting him into trouble repeatedly after that, starting on the train.A collection of the top 40 must see Korean romance titles in my opinion. Movie mood definitions: * Happy = light-hearted and most likely contains comedy * Sad = depressing and will most likely make you cry * Bittersweet = happy, but sad at the same time * Thought-provoking = emotionally neutral, but evokes thoughts about life and love Updates: July 23, 2018 * Replaced Please Teach Me English with Be With You May 2, 2017 * Changed title: year from 2016 to 2017May 30, 2016 * Replaced My Girlfriend Is An Agent with The Beauty Inside January 5, 2016 * Changed title: year from 2015 to 2016April 23, 2015 * Replaced Daddy-Long-Legs with Man In Love January 3, 2015 * Changed title: year from 2014 to 2015January 4, 2014 * Added Romance types (genre of romance) * Changed title: year from 2013 to 2014; number of movies from 30 to 40February 20, 2013 * Added "A love story between..." to movie descriptions January 25, 2013 * Changed title year to 2013October 26, 2012 * Replaced He Was Cool with Oasis * Replaced Please Teach Me English with Always October 22, 2012 * Replaced Art of Seduction with ..* Replaced Humming with Sad Movie October 11, 2012 *Added movie moods October 8, 2012 * Replaced 100 Days With Mr. For a comprehensive Korean romance movie list, check out my compilation list: Korean Romance Movies.If you would like to book a girl as soon as possible, please call us because bookings made online usually take a long time.I think you will agree with me when I say: With a charming lady on your arm, you must have a good time at the venue of your choice escorts woodbridge va the city.Robin Kkosigi Other Lists: If you like: Japanese Romance Movies check out Top 20 Japanese Romance Movies as of 2016Asian action movies check out Top 30 Asian Action Movies from 2000-Present Asian thriller/mystery films check out Top 30 East Asian Thriller/Mystery Films as of 2016Asian horror movies check out Top 30 Asian Horror Films from 1995-Present The best Korean romance movie ever!