She's reportedly 20 weeks along, which fans have worked out to mean that she won the Australian Open .NPR concurred that Williams was likely two months pregnant when she beat her sister Venus Williams in the tennis event.The baby will be the first child for both Williams and Ohanian.

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Rumors then settled down for a few years — until last summer, when Drake was ever-present courtside at all of Williams' matches at Wimbledon.

And the video below should be proof enough that the two of them were, like, totally smitten.

Drake and Williams have actually been friends since 2011.

And Drake is confident enough in himself that he actually gets on the court and plays tennis with Williams, which is quite a bold move.

In September 2015, Drake cheered Williams on from the stands during the U. So even though it was never really confirmed, the facts that are there are satisfying enough for me.

But even if it was just a flirtation, their love sadly did not last...And to make things even more suspicious, Williams played Drake's music throughout her showing for her collection HSN Signature Statement.Williams and Drake never confirmed their relationship, because that would be too risky.Those smiles are enough to make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes.In August 2015, according to TMZ, the two made out at a restaurant in Cincinnati.Since the couple has been relatively low-key about their relationship, some are wondering: how Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian met?