We believe that when God calls He does not just call the pastor but the marriage partner and family as well.

For us it took a lot of prayer and confirmation by God-fearing people we trust within our church. • Worshipping together, at home and church, and reading the Word of God shaped our thoughts and provided trustworthy answers to life’s challenges.

• We endeavour to raise a family that looks forward to spending eternity together.

Celebrating the children’s achievements is the icing on the cake. Especially when hubby travels or kids have an agenda that we have differing views on.

Marriage is one of the two blessings that we have inherited from the Garden of Eden. But the underlying belief that the marriage is rock solid and WILL last the distance, and that God blesses us when we honour the promise we made to Him 21 years ago is a powerful framework that holds everything together.

On each occasion they were better opportunities from others’ perspectives but were not good for one of us or one of our children at the time.

Being united in purpose and trying to follow God’s will has meant sacrifices for Pam too—she has had to leave good jobs many times.This is not simply a physical union but also a spiritual union.This union does not happen in the first few weeks of marriage but is the work of a lifetime.We are focused on raising our children in the fear of the Lord and doing our best to serve Him and enjoy life.We provide a balanced environment for our children to grow and achieve their best. It’s OK to say that at times it’s tough, lonely—a hard slog.So if we are doing things for the family inside and around the house we know we are still “in love”.