For tips on accessing census records online, see Illinois Census.

See Mc Henry County, IL census assignments, including links to transcribed files. Locally abstracted census indexes are often more accurate than national indexes. See Mc Henry Deaths for information about the mortality schedule.

Currently, selected Mississippi newspapers are read for content and articles are selected, assigned topical headings and photocopied for the files.

This is particularly useful since most Mississippi newspapers are not indexed.

Mc Henry County borders the following counties: Boone Cook De Kalb Lake Kane Kenosha County, Wisconsin Walworth County, Wisconsin The county was named for Major William Mc Henry, an Indian fighter who died in Vandalia in 1835.

The county seat is Woodstock and the county was organized on January 16th, 1836.

Abstracted indexes for federal census records in Mc Henry County are as follows: Non-Population Schedules 1850–1880 agricultural, industry and manufacturing schedules were kept for Mc Henry County in addtion to the population schedules. State Census A census for the state of Illinois was taken in Mc Henry County in 18.

For information about Illinois state census records, see Illinois Census. Church records may give birth, death and marriage information.The Archives extracted the names of servants, slaves, or free persons and masters, witnesses, or related parties from selected governmental records to produce this database. The following have information concerning African American research.A short Mc Henry County history is found on the Mc Henry County Government site.This Board established precincts (townships would come later), set the rate for taxable property, and began the process of laying out roads and determining the location for the county seat.Because Lake County wasn't divided off until March of 1839, early Lake County information is included.Land records are extraordinarily accessible in Mc Henry County.