"All of her kids have a home at Red Willow Lake," Haines-Kramer said.

"We will miss our mother terribly, but we're very fortunate to be able to run Red Willow Resort. We get along famously, and we are going to continue doing our thing at Red Willow Lake until we're gone." Bill and Vernis Haines had owned the resort together from 1946 to 1997, when Bill Haines passed away.

The North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD) in association with the State Library held an event on Wednesday, Oct. at the Bismarck Public Library to announce the expansion of the Library Loan Program, allowing library patrons to “check out” a pass providing entrance to any State Park, effectively waiving the daily pass fee.

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Bill Haines was a recovered alcoholic, and Haines-Kramer said she knows the Red Willow program helped many other people recover.

"That was a huge part of their service to God and other people," Haines-Kramer said.

The weekly dances, which ran from 1946 into the early 1990s, are a highlight for many people remembering Haines and Red Willow, Haines-Kramer said.

The dances featured many well-known musicians, including The Beach Boys, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Bobby Vee and Richie Valens.

"This is quote from my father-well, and actually, he got it from my mom-but he said, ' The most important thing that God put us on this Earth for is to serve other people,'" Haines-Kramer said.

The couple started the Alcoholics Anonymous programs at the Red Willow Bible Camp, Haines-Kramer said.

“There is so much to see and do at the state parks and the ‘park pass’ makes it easier for everyone to get out and visit some of North Dakota’s best places.” The Library Loan program was first instituted in May of 2011, involving the 11 public libraries belonging to the Central Dakota Library Network (CDLN).

The passes were a hit among CDLN patrons and the decision was made to offer it statewide starting this fall.

"She gave self love to a lot of troubled kids," said Haines' daughter, Penny Haines-Kramer, who remembers growing up seeing her mother sitting with teenagers at about 2 a.m.

every Friday night after the weekly dances, listening to them and mentoring them. My mother was everybody's second mom," Haines-Kramer said.

Nelson County Housing Authority does not participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, so voucher holders cannot port to this housing authority.